Mentoring Stories

Ivan and Kolya

Mentor Ivan Ivanovich met his pupil Kolya in the “Aspern” hostel of the children's center.

At the very first meeting Kolya shared his joy - he was given a room in a communal apartment. Therefore all the conversation was about the apartment, moving, remodeling. Ivan Ivanovich, having sufficient experience in apartment renovations and plumbing, gladly helped the pupil to move into the room. Kolya had already celebrated the New Year in his room where, with the help of his Mentor, a good wooden door was installed and the ceiling was put in order. The boy was happy with his new home and the next step on the part of the Mentor was to get the pupil to work. Kolya is a plasterer by his profession but he did not want to work by profession and therefore the Mentor suggested that the boy can be taught by him the necessary skills for repairing plumbing fixtures. The pupil caught fire at first but did not go to work. The mentor offered various options for work, but Kolya decided that he needed freedom: he did not want to work, study, and did not show a desire to communicate with the Mentor. All the Mentor had to do was to wait ...
During this period, the pupil did not work anywhere, begged for money and food near McDonald's and began to communicate with not very good guys. Having plunged into the independent life and unable to cope with it he decided to return and ask the Mentor for help