Become a mentor to an orphan child!

I was abandoned many times ... Then a mentor came to me and gave me hope. Now I myself want to become a mentor" (Victor).
Sasha's ward’s life was saved after electric shock. A film was made telling their story: a film was made
The story of Mentoring has turned into a story of adoption! From a mentor, Ksenia became a loving Mark’s mother, her ward.
Maria is the heroine mentor! The 4th girl in a row is receiving heart-warming love, care and guidance from Maria's big and generous heart.
Natalia and Sasha have achieved great results - from the diagnosis "mental retardation" Sasha has turned into a diligent and inquisitive boy.
Alexander is one of the founders of Lighthouse in Ukraine. For more than 10 years he has been developing projects to help street children and crisis families in Ukraine and Kenya.
Volodya became a mentor and support for a blind teenager from a boarding school, pulling him out of the swamp of depression!

What is Mentoring

More than 100 thousand children in Ukraine do not have a loving and caring family

106 000
6% children
94% of the Children
Children live in boarding schools ...
This is almost the population of Uzhgorod town.
6300 - of children are orphans and children whose parents are parental care deprived. They are eligible for adoption.
Therefore each of them simply needs a significant adult, a close person-mentor
99 500 - children from crisis families who do not have parental care and attention. At the same time these children are not eligible for a foster family. This is a vicious circle!

What awaits them in the future

of them attempt suicide
of them will probably establish a normal life
may get higher education
of them commit a crime
of become alcoholics and drug addicts
of them become homeless
Children who grow up in institutions have a higher risk of emotional, mental and physical delays. They are more likely to face homelessness, crime and sexual exploitation.
These children have food, clothing and shelter. But they do not have something that money cannot buy - a significant loving one who will become a friend and teach them basic life skills: cooking, managing funds, paperwork, getting a job - these obvious things for us but still unknown for children.
What will happen if these children are helped?
About Mentoring
There is a problem: an orphan child is lonely
There is a solution
Mentoring — is a friendship between an adult and a child. It is an acception of his or her personality and building a long-term trusting relationship with him or her.

The purpose of Mentoring — is to help the child recover his personality and prepare him or her for an independent life.
Each Mentor must undergo training and sign a Mentoring Agreement.
Mentoring is orderly professional volunteering
According to the organization "Big brothers big sisters" (USA)
Less susceptible to alcohol abuse up to
Less likely to use drugs up to
More capable of going to university up to
More often participate in volunteer activities up to
More interested in becoming Mentors up to
More often they are ready to take leadership positions
на 27%
на 46%
на 55%
на 78%
на 90%
Children who meet regularly with their Mentors
Why do we do Mentoring?
Since 2009, the Mentoring program, developed by specialists in the field of orphanhood, has already helped over 1,300 children.
On October 6, 2016, the President of Ukraine signed the Mentoring Law. Now Mentoring is an official legal form of helping a child in a boarding school institution.
LIGHTHOUSE is a team from the "One Hope" organization with 10 years of Mentoring experience, which continues the good statistics.
This Mentoring Program has been successfully used in 6 countries!
10 years of experience
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