Mentoring Stories

Oleksandra i Nadya

One of the first couples in Mentoring. For a considerable period of time Alexandra has been developing friendly relations with her ward being a motivated mentor.

Her ward Nadya was a child who was in no hurry to grow up for a long time. And Alexandra was looking for an approach to the girl spending time with her and making her be interested. They talked a lot, played together, visited useful institutions broadening their horizons and general development.
All this created a strong, open and trusting relationship between Sasha and Nadia.
As a result, they became good friends.
Frequently visiting Alexandra’s family Nadia became a good mentor's family’s friend, observing how relationships in the family are built.
Over time the mentor had a child. Nadia gladly helped her mentor take care of him, developing the skills of the future mother.
Before graduation from the boarding school the mentor was worried in advance about choosing a further place of her study.
Thus, not without the participation of a mentor, Nadia entered a college acceptable to her.
And then the mentor put up her shoulder, helping at first with products, finances and good advice for adapting to a new team and building relationships with new people.
Now the mentor is happy to confirm that her ward has already matured, turning from a little naive girl into a sensible, independent girl. Nadia began to take care of herself using the advice of her mentor to plan resources.