Mentoring Stories

Natalia and Sasha

Mentor Natalia began to interact with Foster child Sasha when he was 6 years old.

The boy was in an orphanage for more than two years.

His mother brought him to the institution and asked to take care of him while she went on business. He waited for her for two years, but she never returned. It was soon learned that his mother had died. The boy had many disappointing diagnoses. He was constantly taking medication, which led doctors and staff to claim that he was hyperactive and aggressive towards other children.
During the short period of interaction, the mentor and the ward achieved excellent results. The boy having "mentally retarded child" diagnosis withstands long-term training, during which he does not run, does not jump, but sits and quietly engaged. He studies numbers, letters, loves to sculpt from plasticine and has already learned to circle stencils perfectly.
He used to draw three witches on one sheet of paper using only dark colors but now he draws squirrels, houses and everything with colored pencils. But the most important thing is that he stopped being aggressive towards other children. In 2 months he did not hit a single child. When the ward says goodbye to the mentor he always hugs and kisses her. That's what makes love, attention and full acceptance! ..