Mentoring Stories

Inna and Luda

Mentor Inna met the girl Luda at the institution conducting trainings for a group of children.

Having learned about the opportunity to be not just a one-time coach, but a mentor, Inna decides to become a close friend and mentor for Lyuda. They almost immediately found a common language with each other.
By that time the girl already had a complex history. She lived in a large family with her mother and sisters. Her mother treated the girls very cruelly constantly beating them, humiliating them and did not allow them to communicate with anyone. Living conditions were extremely poor.
Living in the midst of violence has brought a lot of trauma. Luda was constantly tense and constrained and had low self-esteem.
Luda has gone through a series of movements in boarding school institutions in different regions of Ukraine which have left its negative imprint on her psycho-emotional development.
As the mentoring relationship developed on an individual level the girl's self-esteem seriously increased. She became more confident and socially adapted. Inna regularly visited her pupil spending time with her in communication attending various events and just walking around.
According to the staff report of the institution where Luda is changes in Luda's life and behavior are already visible in a short period of time. The emotional and volitional sphere stabilized, anxiety began to go away and the girl became more open and ready to communicate.
it is difficult to imagine what the fate of this girl would have been without the participation of a stable, close and safe adult in her life.
The mentor herself says about herself like this: "... my life has also changed, I don't know how it is, but when I take care of her, I feel a little more needed in this world and this makes me happier!"