Mentoring Stories

Volodya and Vova

It is not easy to live in a boarding school, and when you are also blind, then it becomes twice harder.

After his parents got divorced Vova stayed with his mother and sister. The family found itself in difficult life circumstances. The boy was sent to live and study to a boarding school for blind children. Lack of understanding on the part of the staff, lack of friends, a rare visit by his mother led to the fact that the boy developed depression, alienation, suicidal tendencies, asocial personality, apathy and demotivation for anything in life. In such difficult conditions, Vova met his mentor. His name was also Vova by the way.
Having arrived one day with a group of volunteers, Vladimir (Vova) decided to come further, only not to a group of children but to one boy to 13-year-old Vovka (Vova).
Gradually, through friendship, their relationship began to develop. In the beginning the boy was wary and distrustful.
The mentor delving into the interests of the pupil selected the optimal format and methods of communication for him.
After some time of their relationship the pupil felt genuine sincerity and interest in his personality on the part of the mentor which gave him the courage to open up and trust more.
They stipulated the main goals for achieving the boy's development: learning to build relationships with peers, increasing the level of study, plus personal development, eliminating complexes due to physical limitations and feeling like a full-fledged person.
Today there are such reviews from the teachers of the institution:
Involving Vova in the life of the team, class, adequate communication and development of relationships with peers and with teachers, relieving anxiety and apathy, eliminating aggression and suicidal behavior.
The boy became calmer and open to communication and development.
The pupil himself says about the mentor as follows: I am glad that I can call my mentor at any time, I can count on mutual understanding and support in my life.
“I am so glad that you are my mentor! It's so good that you are! "
When a teenager says this, it's worth a lot! ...