Svetlana and Julia

Sveta and her husband had long dreames of helping orphans.

For several years they researched the topic of orphanhood and visited several centers in Ukraine. But not a single proposed model found a response in their hearts. Sveta's husband was generally against the adoption of children.
After learning about the mentoring project, the couple received training.
In one of the orphanages Sveta became a mentor for a girl named Yulia.
Their interaction did not last very long but during this time the couple formed a close bond and developed a relationship of trust. Both the pupil and the mentor were satisfied with this relationship. In addition the whole mentor’s family became very friendly with Yulia.
Soon, on the eve of the New Year holidays it became clear that Yulia should be sent to a long distant boarding school in a remote village. The girl was very upset with this news. The entire staff of the orphanage was worried about the further girl’s fate.
After a discussion at the family council, a decision was made, which influenced the entire girl’s fate - they announced the adoption of Yulia!
The whole family opened their hearts and soon celebrated the birth of a new family member - daughter, Yulia Evgenievna.