Mentoring Stories

Tanya and Katya

An orphan girl Katya lived in one of the boarding schools near Kyiv. From the age of 7 she was already without a family.

At the age of 15, upon learning about the Mentoring program, Katya expressed her desire to have a mentor. Her request for Mentoring was: - “I have no one to talk to, I need a person to whom I could entrust everything that is in my heart, because there is no such a person among the center workers, whom you could tell everything, but keep it all inside was unbearable!"
How the meetings between the mentor and the girl went:
“We met on the premises of the institution, especially in the beginning but as well as outside: in different cafes, parks. We went on a picnic, rode bicycles etc
Katya and I got on our bicycles and went together to a neighboring village. This was the third time in my life I’ve done that for her sake. There Katya showed me a swing over the lake, we rode, talked, ate ice cream and had a rest, together.
Katya’s successes
The first victory was that she was able to make eye contact. Further, she began to tell about her past in details, and this indicated the beginning of a trusting relationship. I remember how glad I was that Katya told me about the events that happened to her in college and with friends. We talked about the boys, her studies, her hangouts, etc. And I didn't have to beg her to talk by asking questions. She herself sincerely shared with me. This meant that the teenager was feeling safe with me.
Also, once upon a time she told me that she would also like to become a mentor for a child! Until now, she has not left this thought. As soon as I stand firm on my feet and will start helping.
It is said that mentoring can last not just a year or two, but the whole life, I believe in this, because if you are truly friends, then this friendship lasts throughout life.
Now Katya is over 20 years old. And I don’t know what could have happened to her if the person hadn’t come into her life one day, who accepted her the way she was, who accepted all of her past with patience. Who shared his vision of life and was just there ..