Mentoring Stories

Maria and Katya

Mentor Maria met the pupil Katya when the pupil graduated from the boarding school and entered the college as a cook.

At the first meeting with her mentor the girl said that she was very glad to have a young mentor, a friend who can be trusted with her secrets, to ask for help.
Katya also talked about health problems: gastritis, injured finger, bad teeth. The mentor offered her help to the girl. At the next meeting a dental treatment plan was drawn up. The mentor explained to the girl that it will be a long process: X-rays, dental treatment, prosthetics - this requires discipline and proper budget planning. Subsequent meetings also revealed the cause of gastritis: the pupil did not cook anything, ate sweets and cookies. Thus the Mentor began to conduct conversations about proper nutrition, the need to regularly prepare food and the purchase of dishes.
Three months later Katya learned how to distribute money according to the items: travel, food, clothing, treatment. Not everything worked out in the beginning, but there was always a mentor nearby who explained and guided the girl.
The mentor led conversations on moral topics and over time Katya's behavior began to change. Relations with the hostel staff have changed and a feeling of gratitude and respect has appeared.
To be continued ...