Mentoring Stories

Lisa and Ulyana

Since childhood I wanted to help those children who do not have parents.

I am absolutely convinced that every child needs a caring adult. That is why I decided to become a mentor. When I saw an advertisement for a mentoring project I did not think too much and wrote a letter and signed up for training. I was looking forward to what kind of child they would determine for me ...
And this first meeting when the coordinator introduced us my Ulyana was very shy then thought over every word and trying to please me. She didn't know that I had already liked her preparing for our future meetings as soon as I learned about her story.
My Ulya was a graduate of a boarding school and after a few months she had to move from the boarding school and before that she still had to decide on her further education. Despite all the vicissitudes of fate Ulya has a very flexible mind and a pure heart. I have not yet met a stronger and at the same time vulnerable girl. Through a mentoring project I made a lifelong friend. Many years have passed since our acquaintance. During this time a lot has changed. She completed four courses of school, got a job, got to know how to organize her budget and make long-term plans. Being a mentor is a unique experience but sometimes hard work and incomparable happiness!