Tanya and Nikita

The story of Tanya's ward and Nikita's mentor.

I met Nikita at a picnic held by the Mentoring project at the children's center. I liked one boy from the boarding school.

I told the center's methodologist about my feelings. And we took time to think.
I was very worried, prayed, consulted with my husband, because we both understood that I didn't have time to meet with Nikita, all my strength at that time was taken away by the mentoring project and its development throughout the country.
Later we made a decision, and I became a mentor for Nikita. I called the methodologist and said “yes”. She informed the director and the latter agreed.
The child was told that I would be his Mentor, he was very happy and was waiting for me. When I entered the territory of the institution, he was already sticking out the window and stretching out his hand to me to drag me through the window!
When I walked into the door of the building, he was so glad to see me that he ran away!
I devote time to this child, I do not allocate, but I dedicate it. I am very responsible, because I understand that they are not toys, and you need to build trusting relationships. And for this you need to come there every week.
I learned how to open a fence in the orphanage. I found out that Nikita loves raspberry tea and all kinds of cookies!
I come to Nikita and try to take him outside the walls of the institution for walks. Of course, due to the fact that Ilya and Misha also do not have Mentors yet, sometimes my husband and I take them all three for a walk.  Is it very difficult?
My wish to all good people - become Mentors! It is difficult, but very useful and interesting.